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Pole Dancing

After being in the Fitness Industry for over a decade, my training partner at the time introduced me to Pole Dancing.  We started teaching ourselves.  Due to circumstances she could not continue unfortunately.  I managed to eventually get into contact with the rest of the Pole Community in South Africa and started attending as many workshops and Pole Camps as I could.  I have had the privilege of training with some of the best dancers in the industry, both on the national and international front.

Pole Dancing has been one of the best things I’ve incorporated into my life. To me, Poling is very much about women empowerment.

 Pole Dancing empowers women to realise their inner and outer strength, empowers them to do more of what fulfils them, to care a little less about what others think, and to help them feel sexy and confident in their own skin. 

I have had the pleasure of training women (and one or two men) from all walks of life, all shapes, all sizes and all fitness levels.  No matter their reason for trying pole dancing for the first time, their initial reaction to what they can or can not do on the pole or the way they initially feel about themselves, each and every one of them progress.  Progress in their self- esteem, their can-do attitude as well as in their pole dancing.

I love seeing how each women progresses at her own pace, in her own way and the confidence it builds in each and everyone.

The great thing about Pole Dancing is that you can do it from a fitness, dance, sensual or all of the above aspect.  I have personally always focused on the fitness side of things as that is my background.  Recently however i have started working more on the flow and sensual side of Pole.  As much as this is out of my comfort zone, I am absolutely loving it.

I love the Pole Community.  It is a place where everyone builds each other up and it is a judgement free zone.  In life everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  The same is true in Pole.  You build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.  Making Pole Dancing yours will allow you to dance your style even while you continue to explore new styles.

You never stop learning and you never stop progressing.

So try out Pole Dancing.  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.


One of the key things that make a woman feel confident and sexy is the clothing she wears. 

There are many beautiful and sexy pole clothing ranges out there, however as a big busted girl myself (and definitely not of petite build) I found it hard to find a range that catered for the more average figured woman. After all, we just want to dance and invert without worrying about our assets being on public display! 

I did some research both locally and internationally, and realised I’m not alone in my wishes. So I decided to create a clothing line myself, a clothing line with a difference.

One of the things I love about Pole, is the huge variety of personality types that unite under the Pole Dancing umbrella. So besides catering for all shapes and sizes, I wanted to cater for the different personality types or alter egos.

I want these ranges to make every woman (no matter her age, shape or size) feel wow and ready to pole. 

We have 4 different lines.  Two has been launched.  The next two will be launched soon.

 These will be routinely filled with new styles, designs and colours; ensuring continued uniqueness and individuality.  

You don’t need to buy matching sets or sizes. A size chart will be provided so that you know exactly which sizes to choose from. 

Meet our team

Tharene Windsor


With 2 decades experience in the fitness industry I found my ultimate passion in Pole Dancing about 7 years ago.  Combining my love of Pole and my passion for Women's Empowerment I endeavour to create a safe and non-judgemental environment where anyone can feel confident and comfortable.   

Ricka van Kerkhof


Rika started Ballet at the age of 3 and eventually qualified in Ballet Advanced 1.  She also did contemporary, tap, ballroom and Latin.  To add to her many talents she has been involved in the Dancewear business for the past 5 years.

With years of experience, going out of her way for her clients and an always ready smile, you can not go wrong getting your dancewear from her.

Neil Smith


Neil has over a decade's experience in the Fitness Industry and travelled to India to study his RYT500 in Himalayan Hatha Yoga. 

He offers Yoga classes at a discount for all students of Artemis Pole Academy. He is also available for Pilates, Personal Training and therapeutic massage. 

Services Offered

Pole dancing


Pole Dancing is for everyone and anyone.

It is a fun way to build self-confidence, strength, flexiblility, agility and a toned body.  

All ages, shapes & fitness levels welcome.

Do something different and challenge yourself while honing either your fitness, sexiness or both.

clothing & accessories


 Wanting to cater for all ages, shapes and personalities, we created 4 different clothing lines.

Check out our lines as we launch them one by one and find your favourite line and style.  Each line, style and colour will be updated regularly to ensure uniqueness and variety in choice.



Whether you need to chill and unwind or whether you need relieve from muscle aches and pains, we can assist you.

Swedish or Sports Massages

Couples or Individual Massages


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